How to Change Oil on Generac Gp5500 Generator?




To change the oil on your Generac GP5500 generator, first shut off the engine and allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes. Then, remove the oil fill cap/dipstick and drain the oil into a suitable container. Next, clean the area around the oil drain plug and remove it before draining the remaining oil from the engine.

Finally, reinstall the drain plug, add fresh oil (up to the “Full” mark on the dipstick), and replace the fill cap/dipstick. Start the engine and check for leaks before using as normal.

  • Park the generator on a level surface and turn it off
  • Let it cool for at least 15 minutes before proceeding
  • Place an oil drain pan underneath the generator’s oil drain plug, which is located near the bottom of the engine block on the side opposite the air filter
  • Unscrew the oil drain plug with an appropriate wrench and allow all of the old oil to drain out into the pan
  • Replace the oil drain plug and screw it in snugly with a wrench
  • Do not overtighten it
  • Remove the oil fill cap, which is located on top of the engine block, and pour in new oil until it reaches just below the “full” line on dipstick inserted into hole

How Many Quarts of Oil Does a Generac Gp5500 Take?

A Generac gp5500 takes approximately 4.5 quarts of oil.

What Kind of Oil Does a Generac Gp5500 Generator Take?

If you’re the owner of a Generac GP5500 generator, you might be wondering what kind of oil it takes. The good news is that this generator is actually pretty easy to maintain and only requires a few different types of oil. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your Generac GP5500 in tip-top shape.

Generac GP5500 Oil Types The Generac GP5500 uses two different types of oil: synthetic 5W-30 motor oil for the engine and SAE 30 weight non-detergent oil for the generator itself. You’ll want to use fresh, clean oil for both parts of the machine – old or dirty oil can cause damage and lead to expensive repairs down the road.

How Much Oil Does the Generac GP5500 Take? To keep things running smoothly, you’ll need to add about 2.6 quarts (2.5 liters) of synthetic 5W-30 motor oil to the engine every time you change it. As for the generator, it holds just over 1 quart (1 liter) of SAE 30 weight non-detergent oil – so make sure you top it off accordingly.

It’s always better to err on the side of too much rather than too little when it comes to these fluids! When Should I Change My Generator’s Oil? Just like with your car, it’s important to change your generator’s oil regularly in order to keep things running smoothly.

For best results, aim to change both oils every 100 hours or so – more frequently if you use your machine a lot or live in an area with dusty conditions (which can clog up filters and cause other problems). By staying on top of maintenance, you can help ensure that your Generac GP5500 will provide years of reliable service.

How Many Quarts of Oil Does My Generac Generator Take?

If you have a Generac generator, you may be wondering how much oil it takes. The answer depends on the model of your generator. For example, the Generac GP 1800-Watt Portable Generator takes 1.6 quarts of oil.

However, the Generac GP3250-Watt Portable Generator takes 2.1 quarts of oil. So be sure to check your generator’s manual to find out how much oil it takes.

How Often Does the Oil Need to Be Changed in a Generac Generator?

How often should you change the oil in your Generac generator? That depends on how often you use it and what type of oil it takes. If you use your generator regularly, then you should change the oil every 100 hours or once a year, whichever comes first.

If you don’t use it that often, then changing the oil every 200 hours or every two years should be sufficient. However, if your generator uses synthetic oil, then you can extend the interval to 300 hours or every three years.

Generator Maintenance – Oil Change – Rambling with Phil

Generac Gp5500 Oil Capacity

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve thought about investing in a standby generator. Standby generators provide peace of mind and ensure that your home is always prepared for power outages. When choosing a standby generator, one important consideration is the unit’s oil capacity.

The Generac GP5500 has a 6.8L oil capacity, making it one of the largest units on the market. This means that the GP5500 can run for longer periods of time without needing to be refilled. That’s good news for homeowners who want to be sure their generator will be able to keep up with their power needs during an extended outage.

Of course, larger oil capacity also comes with some trade-offs. The GP5500 is a heavier unit, so it may be more difficult to move around than some other models. Additionally, the unit’s price tag reflects its large size – the GP5500 is one of the most expensive standby generators on the market today.

Still, if you’re looking for a generator that can handle extended power outages without breaking a sweat, the Generac GP5500 is worth considering. With its large oil capacity and reliable performance, this unit could be just what you need to keep your home running during tough times.

How to Change Oil in Generac 22Kw Generator

For most people, changing the oil in their generator is something that they don’t have to do very often. However, it’s important to make sure that you keep up with this maintenance task, as it will help ensure that your generator runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the oil in your Generac 22Kw generator:

1) Begin by draining the old oil from the generator. To do this, locate the drain plug at the bottom of the unit and remove it. Place a catch basin or container beneath the drain plug to collect the used oil.

Allow all of the old oil to drain out before moving on to the next step. 2) Once all of the old oil has been drained, replace the drain plug and tighten it securely. Next, add new oil to the generator until it reaches the “full” mark on the dipstick.

Be sure to use fresh, high-quality oil that is specifically designed for generators. 3) Finally, start up your generator and let it run for a few minutes so that the new oil can circulate throughoutthe system. Then, shut down your generator and checkthe dipstick one more time to verify that everything looks good before calling it quits!

Generac Gp5500 Oil Filter Location

The oil filter on the Generac GP5500 is located under the black plastic cover on the side of the engine. To access it, first remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the cover in place. Then, slide the cover off to reveal the oil filter.

Thefilter is attached to a metal bracket and has a black rubber O-ring around its base. To remove it, simply twist it counterclockwise and pull it off. Be sure to replace the O-ring when you install the new filter.

Generac Gp5500 Oil Filter

If you’re a homeowner, then you know that one of the most important things to keep in good working order is your generator. And if you have a Generac GP5500, then you know that one of the key parts to keeping your generator running smoothly is changing the oil filter regularly. But what exactly does an oil filter do?

And how often should you be changing it? Keep reading for all the details on Generac GP5500 oil filters! An oil filter’s job is to remove impurities from engine oil as it circulates through the engine.

This helps to keep the engine clean and running smoothly. Over time, however, the oil filter can become clogged with dirt and debris. When this happens, it’s no longer able to do its job properly and needs to be replaced.

As a general rule of thumb, you should change your generator’s oil filter every 50 hours of use or once a year – whichever comes first. Of course, always check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations from the manufacturer. When it’s time to change your Generac GP5500’s oil filter, be sure to purchase a replacement that is specifically designed for use with this model generator.

Using the wrong type of filter could result in serious damage to your engine.


If you have a Generac GP5500 generator, it’s important to change the oil regularly to keep it running properly. Here’s how to do it: 1. First, make sure your generator is turned off and cooled down before beginning.

2. Then, locate the oil drain plug and remove it. Place a pan underneath to catch the old oil as it drains out. 3. Once the oil has finished draining, replace the drain plug and fill the generator with fresh oil until it reaches the full line on the dipstick.

4. Finally, start up your generator and let it run for a few minutes to circulate the new oil before shutting it down again.

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