How to Change Oil on Suzuki 150 Outboard?




Assuming you would like tips on changing the oil for a Suzuki 150 outboard: 1. Park the boat on a level surface and allow it to cool down if it has been used recently. 2. Locate the oil fill cap/dipstick and unscrew it.

Wipe clean with a rag. 3. Remove the oil drain plug (usually located near the bottom of the engine) with a wrench and allow the old oil to drain into a catch pan. 4. Replace the drain plug and screw it in tightly by hand, then use the wrench to give it an extra 1/4 to 1/2 turn.

5. Fill up the engine with fresh oil, using a funnel if necessary, until it reaches just below the full line on the dipstick (overfilling can cause damage).

  • To change the oil on a Suzuki 150 outboard, you will need: -a socket wrench and ratchet set -a Phillips screwdriver -pliers -an oil pan -new SAE 10W30 4-stroke marine engine oil (or as specified in your owner’s manual) 1
  • Warm up the engine by running it at idle for 5 minutes
  • This will help to loosen any built up dirt and grime in the engine
  • Place the oil pan underneath the motor, directly below the drain plug
  • Loosen the drain plug with your socket wrench and ratchet set, being careful not to over tighten it
  • Allow all of the old oil to drain into the pan
  • Replace the washer on the drain plug and screw it back in tightly with your hand
  • Do not overtighten! 5 Fill up your motor with new oil through the dipstick tube, being careful not to overfill it past the “Full” line on the dipstick
  • 6 Recheck your work by starting up the engine and checking for any leaks aroundthe drain plug or fill tube

How Many Quarts of Oil Does a Suzuki Df150 Take?

According to the Suzuki df150 owner’s manual, the engine oil capacity for this model is 3.7 quarts with filter.

How Often Should I Change the Oil in My Suzuki Outboard Motor?

If you have a Suzuki outboard motor, you should change the oil every 100 hours of use or once a year, whichever comes first. You should also change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil in My Suzuki Outboard?

If you have a Suzuki outboard, you may be wondering if you should use synthetic oil in it. Here’s what you need to know about using synthetic oil in your Suzuki outboard. Synthetic oil is designed to protect your engine by providing superior lubrication and protection against wear, corrosion, and heat.

It can also help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using synthetic oil in your Suzuki outboard. First, make sure to check your owner’s manual to see if the manufacturer recommends or requires the use of synthetic oil.

Second, be aware that synthetic oil may void your warranty if something goes wrong with your engine while using it. Overall, synthetic oil is a great choice for protecting your Suzuki outboard engine. Just make sure to do your research and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations before making the switch.

How Do You Change the Oil in a Suzuki?

It is important to change the oil in your Suzuki on a regular basis to keep it running properly. Depending on your model of Suzuki, the process for changing the oil may vary slightly. However, generally speaking, you will need to locate the oil drain plug beneath the vehicle and remove it with a wrench.

Next, use a funnel to pour fresh oil into the engine until it reaches the proper level. Finally, replace the oil drain plug and tighten it securely.

Suzuki Outboard – Change Engine Oil – Quick & Simple

Suzuki 150 Outboard Oil Capacity

If you own a Suzuki 150 outboard, you know that it’s important to keep the engine properly lubricated. But what do you need to know about Suzuki 150 outboard oil capacity? Here’s a quick overview.

The oil capacity for a Suzuki 150 outboard motor is 1.7 quarts with filter. You should check your oil level regularly and top off as needed. It’s also important to change your oil and filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations – typically every 50 hours or once a year, whichever comes first.

Using the proper type of oil is also important for optimal performance and longevity of your engine. Suzuki recommends 10W-30 weight oil for most operating conditions. However, if you operate in extremely cold temperatures (-10°F/-23°C or lower), they recommend switching to 5W-30 weight oil.

Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific recommendations for your engine. Keeping your Suzuki 150 outboard properly lubricated is essential for peak performance and long engine life. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations on oil type and capacity, you can be sure that your engine will stay healthy and happy for years to come!

Suzuki 115 Outboard Oil Capacity

Suzuki 115 Outboard Oil Capacity We’re often asked about the oil capacity of Suzuki outboards, so here’s a quick rundown. The oil capacity for a Suzuki 115hp four-stroke outboard is 3.7 quarts (3.5L).

This includes the oil in the crankcase, as well as the oil filter. If you’re changing the oil yourself, you’ll need to purchase 3.7 quarts of fresh Suzuki 10W-40 4-stroke outboard motor oil, as well as a new Suzuki filter kit.

How to Check Oil in Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard

It’s important to check your oil level regularly in your Suzuki 4-stroke outboard engine, and here’s how to do it: 1. Make sure the engine is turned off and cooled down before beginning. 2. Locate the dipstick on the side of the engine (it will have an “oil” label next to it).

3. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag. 4. Reinsert the dipstick all the way back in, then pull it out again to check the oil level. The oil should be at or above the “full” line on the dipstick.

5. If necessary, add more oil until it reaches the full line. Be careful not to overfill!

Best Oil for Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard

Suzuki’s 4-stroke outboard oil is some of the best in the business. It’s formulated to protect your engine and keep it running smoothly, while also providing excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. There are a few things to consider when choosing an oil for your outboard engine.

The first is viscosity. You’ll want to choose an oil with the proper viscosity for your engine – too thick and it can cause problems, too thin and it won’t provide adequate protection. The second thing to consider is additives.

Suzuki’s 4-stroke oil contains special additives that help protect your engine from wear and tear, while also providing excellent corrosion protection. These additives can make a big difference in how well your engine runs, so it’s important to choose an oil that has them. Finally, you’ll want to consider price.

Suzuki’s 4-stroke oil isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s worth the extra cost for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using one of the best oils available.


It’s pretty simple to change the oil on your Suzuki 150 outboard, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Warm up the engine for a few minutes so that the oil is nice and hot.

This will help it drain better. 2. Place a drip pan under the engine, then remove the oil fill cap and drain plug. Let all of the old oil drain out into the pan.

3. Clean off the drain plug and reinstall it, then add fresh oil through the fill hole until it reaches the proper level (consult your owner’s manual for specifics). Start the engine and check for leaks, then shut it down and dispose of your used oil properly.

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